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Get a 360-degree understaning of your brand's presence

In addition to marketing channels, you can also connect various media and brand monitoring data sources to Causalytics.

This enables the platform to deliver actionable insights about your brand's KPIs by market and industry and provide competitive benchmarking to help you stay ahead of the game. 

Examples of tools Causalytics can use as data sources

Connect to all your monitoring tools

Causalytics doesn't track mentions of your brand.


Instead, it connects to all the other tools you use and combines the data to give you a comprehensive overview of how your brand is doing, factoring in KPIs like share of voice, social media followers, mentions and engagement, branded search volume, referral traffic volume, share of search traffic, MQLs, opportunity close rate and sales pipeline velocity just to mention a few.

The result is a true 360-degree analysis of your brand.

Get a quick overview of how you're doing related to different themes in different markets

Causalytics aggregates all the measured KPIs into three core metrics:

  • How close are you to your target

  • How have your KPIs evolved since the previous period

  • How are you doing compared to your competitors


Track the individual KPIs you choose

Causalytics tracks KPIs within four categories:

  • Traditional media

  • Social media

  • Website traffic

  • Sales

and within each category, you can pick the KPIs most relevant to you and define targets per KPI and market. 

Benchmark against competitors

Is 300 mentions a lot?

To put your KPIs in context, they are compared to the competitors you choose.

The competitor analysis also helps you copy all their best ideas.

competitor comparison.png
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