About Us

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Our history goes to these times when we have been building an AI-based CMS for SMEs.


There was this car repair owner in Turku, who was pretty happy with their CMS, but couldn’t actually lure any clients to the website.


After numerous cases like this, we found out that SMEs might be good at tracking and collecting data, but they usually don’t have time (or any clue how) to analyse it thoroughly, and end up feeling all their marketing efforts are useless.

And we thought – what if there would be a way to use AI to facilitate this process? To create an AI which would spare SMEs’ time, provide them ready-to-use insights and just let the marketing magic begin? That's how Causalytics was born.


With time, it grew into a family of products for different industries and companies. With that, we aim at  helping the world to become more data driven.

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Fredrik Bjurström

Co-Founder and CEO


Meet some of the faces behind Causalytics


John Kronström

Co-Founder and CTO


Akram Mimouni

Business Development Director


Victor Fernandes

Full-stack Developer

Maria Andrianova

Growth Lead