Empowering SME agencies to sell more and reduce churn

Causalytics is a sales-increasing tool for SME agencies managing advertising for their clients (=advertisers).​


Causalytics uses the advertisers' analytics data to provide them with detailed and personalised insights on the value they get from advertising and how they could improve that value.

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How it works


Connect your clients' Google Analytics accounts


Wait a minute while Causalytics runs its analyses


Share the insights with your clients

Insights that increase client happiness

Insights are next generation reports based on the advertisers analytics data. Causalytics offers insights in three categories.


1. Show the value of advertising

Insights focusing on helping the clients realise the value they get from advertising.


  • This year you've gotten 68 conversions with a total value of 3400€ with an advertising budget of 568€. 

  • We have made 123 changes to your campaigns in 2018-2021 and your conversions grew 68%.

  • You beat the competition by turning up first in the search results 82 % of the time


2. Increase the value of advertising

Insights improving ROI.


  • Facebook conversions cost 23% less than Google Ads conversions. Allocate more budget to Facebook.

  • You get very few conversions on weekends, consider pausing your ads Saturday and Sunday.

  • Your ads convert better on desktop than mobile. You could lower the mobile bids by 18% to balance. 


3. Do more advertising

Insights increasing ad spend.


  • Black Friday is approaching! Grow your budget not to miss out.

  • Your Google organic conversion rate is really good. Try Google Ads to get more conversions. 

  • We discovered a new target group that converts really well. Target them with a new campaign.

Why our insights work

1. They grant access to conversion data

The insights are based on optimising conversions and for that, you need Google Analytics data.

If you already have access, then you're all set. 

If not, one of the insights explains to the advertisers why tracking conversions is important and provides a simple three-click way to grant the agency access to their Google Analytics account.


Your conversion rate from organic Google traffic is really good. Get more similar users by trying Google Ads. 


Try Google Ads

Target group: Not yet advertising clients

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2. They deliver the right message at the right time

Causalytics produces a lot of personalised insights for every customer and then uses expected future value to select what insight should be presented to this customer today to reach the best results.


Expected future value means that Causalytics calculates the expected return, the effort needed and the probability of success and recommends the actions where return/effort is the highest.

3. They help the advertiser understand the message and take action

A coherent story aiming at the call to action

Every insight tells a story with the goal of convincing the advertiser to take action.


Always rooted in advertiser data

All recommendations are based on the advertisers' analytics data. Because data says x, we recommend you do y.


Focus - one topic/insight

Each insight focuses on one topic at a time to really drive home the message and invite to action.  

Highly personalised

Each insight completely adapts to the advertisers' data telling a story out of their perspective.


Auto-generated, natural language text

Graphs are always accompanied by text which is completely auto-generated by indistinguishable from human-written text.

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4. They scale efficiently

A 1000 experts working for you 24/7

The amount of insights produced match that of what your best analyst could produce for one client in one week. 


Causalytics does it automatically

  • for all your 1000s of clients

  • in seconds

  • every day


A SaaS platform to help you manage and deliver the insights

The insights are efficiently managed by your sales department in a SaaS platform. The platform provides features to assign, prioritise, filter, tag etc.


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