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I already use a web analytics tool, why should I use Causalytics

Google analytics is the most used web analytics tool, and like most of the web analytics tools it focuses on analysing how visitors on your website behave by gathering data organising it and presenting it.

Google analytics is the main data source used in Causalytics. But it is one source amongst others, and here lies part of the explanation on the difference between both.

What is wrong with digital marketing dashboards? And how is Causalytics different?

Dashboards are tools to visualise your data while Causalytics is a solution for getting insights and actions.

Augment your digital marketing analytics with humanly readable insights and suggested actions

Causalytics is a platform that helps digital marketing teams and agencies to get significant insights from their analytics data, present it in a humanly understandable way and suggest actions, fixes and tips to optimise your digital presence.

Does the world need another digital marketing reporting and analytics tool?

This is a question one can genuinely ask, how many times did you hear about a new startup that is doing yet another analytics platform, how many similar calls are you getting weekly?

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