Maximise your results from digital marketing

Causalytics is a digital marketing reporting and optimisation tool for large companies.

It provides two core features

  • Measure ROI on digital marketing activities

  • Increase ROI of digital marketing

Example of insight produced by Causalytics

How it works


Connect your digital marketing accounts to Causalytics


Causalytics analyses the data and provides a dashboard revealing the ROI of different marketing activities


Causalytics recommends improvements to the current campaigns and completely new campaigns to improve ROI.

Calculating ROMI for channels and activities

1. Connect to marketing and sales data

If possible, Causalytics connects to both your marketing and sales data to be able to calculate the ROMI on marketing activities.

2. Data stitching

Once you've connected your data sources, Causalytics stitches the data together.

3. Attribution

If you're using a tool like Hubspot to collect all the touchpoints of your visitors in one place, Causalytics can use more complex attribution models than last click to assign value to your activities.  ​

4. Activity ROMI

The end result of the analysis is an estimate on the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) for campaigns and channels. 

5. Recommendations

Causalytics also recommends what actions you should take to increase the ROMI of your marketing.

Find out what content works best


Causalytics reports on what topics produce the best results in different channels for different target groups. 

Want to target CEOs on LinkedIn? The you should definitely talk about Topic X.


The same analysis done for topics is also done for keywords. What words should you use when talking about a specific subject?


Images are analysed similarly but on a higher level. Should you use images with products, people, nature etc.? 


The sentiment analysis analyses the tone of the written content. Perhaps LinkedIn works best with an analytical tone whereas joyful works better on Facebook.

Get recommendations to maximise ROMI

In addition to reporting, Causalytics offers improvement recommendations for the current campaign and suggestions for completely new campaigns.

The suggestions are based on what has proven to work in the past and are optimised to produce a maximum ROMI. 

If Causalytics is given write access to the marketing channels, the suggestions can be executed with just one click.


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