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More than your average dashboard

Most dasboards show the numbers and leave it at that. Causalytics goes several steps deeper. It also provides you with insights about what the numbers mean, recommends actions you should take and uses storytelling to help its user make sense of it all.

Get Reports

LinkedIn produced 20 SQLs in the previous quarter, 14 more than in the previous quarter and 17 more than a year ago.

The cost/SQL was 231 €, down 36% from the previous quarter and 42% from a year ago. 

Get Insights

The reason for this was that one of your paid LinkedIn campaigns, Product Showcase Webinar, was highly successful. It brought you 16 SQLs at a cost of 181 €/SQL.

Get Actions

If your goal is getting SQLs and your target group is x, then the most efficient way is to do a webinar about y and advertise it with a Lead Gen form on LinkedIn.  

Get Stories

Causalytics main goal is to get its users to take action and one of the most efficient way to do that is storytelling. If you want someone to understand, remember, do or feel something, the best way is to use a story. 

That's why Causalytics, when possible, uses short stories to help its users understand the information it provides.

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