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Audit Prospects' or Clients' Google Ads Accounts In Minutes

Causalytics is a sales-increasing tool for SME agencies managing advertising for their clients .​

Sample Slides From The Audit Report

Causalytics produces an editable Power Point audit report in minutes.

The final report contains more slides and can be customised:

  • It can use your brand

  • You can impact what analyses to run and what conclusions are presented

The report is  generated automatically in a few minutes.

Audit Prospects Accounts To Win Them Over As Clients

  1. Connect your prospect's Google Ads (and optionally Google Analytics account) to Causalytics

  2. Wait a minute and get an extensive audit report in Power Point format based on your own branded PPT template.

  3. Modify/extend if necessary and present to the prospect.

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Continuously Audit Your Clients' Accounts

The audits are run on your clients' accounts every day and you receive notifications for the accounts that don't pass all tests. 


In addition to the notifications if something could be improved in your clients' account you also get suggestions on upsell opportunities.


For example, Causalytics alerts you when there's data to support a budget increase or trying out some new campaigns.

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Optimised For SME Agencies

You get most benefit out of Causalytics when the number of accounts is large (hundreds) and the ad campaigns are fairly simple. 

Currently, we're focusing on auditing Google Ads and adding more channels in the future.

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