How does Causalytics work?

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1. Connect your Google Analytics account

One click allows you to authenticate with your Google Analytics and give Causalytics access to your advertising clients data.

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Increase your budget

You’re missing out on 123 conversions every week because your daily budget is so low. Even with a raised budget, you will still meet your CPA target of 5,80 €.

Target group: Already advertising clients

2. Insights are detected by Causalytics

Causalytics will analyse your advertising clients data and generate sales increasing insights

3. Assign advertising clients to your sales team and account managers

You can easily assign new and existing advertising clients to your team. Your sales representatives will be notified whenever their clients have a new insight available

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4. Sales and account managers send the insights and contact the client

Your team can easily use the insights generated to reach out and have a meaningful conversation with the advertising client.

5. The advertising client gets the insight and acts on it

Upon getting the insight and discussing with the sales or account manager, the advertising client acts on the insight leading to a higher spend.

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