Know exactly what happens with your digital marketing.


No more bad surprises from your campaigns

Causalytics monitors your digital marketing data 24/7 so that you don’t have to do it manually every day, and when there is an important change in your data you will be notified in real time.

Important information that impact your business are found through our machine learning algorithms and they come with a drill down explanation of the causes, allowing you to take action and focus on the core of your business.

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Track your marketing results

Do you need to check your most important KPIs and compare your different channels performance? Causalytics got you covered.

Our simple, hassle free and straight to the point dashboard allows you to connect your digital marketing data sources and see all the important KPIs in one place.

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Profit multiplication.


Maximise results from your digital marketing

Use the consolidated knowledge to prescribe actions and estimate their possible impact. This is the simplest way to data driven decision making for digital marketing.

Recommendations cover a wide range of topics, for example:

  • Optimal marketing budget allocation for different channels and campaigns;
  • Exploiting digital marketing data to uncover upsell opportunities;
  • Analysing segments and finding out which convert better and the parameters affecting that;
  • Making sure your tracking tools are set up correctly.
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It simply does the work for you

Take 2 minutes to configure your report then forget about it. You can build reports from scratch or use a template. Mix all the available widgets and add your own comments when needed.

Eventually Causalytics will also help you in writing humanly readable comments from the available data, also being able to plan actions and mark them as done will allow you to automatically add them to your reports, that way you can send truly customised reports without any manual input.

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