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Google Ads Agency!

Use Causalytics to reduce churn

Detect what causes churn and act on it.

No credit card needed


Accounts monitored


Tests run each month


Keywords analysed every day

Identify churn factors

Using data from various sources we indentify factors that impact churn. 

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Complete audits of your clients' Google Ads accounts every day

The churn factors (and many others) are the analysed in all your clients' accounts every day.

Prioritised to-do lists for every specialist

The results of the audits are turned in to tasks which form prioritised and personalised tasks lists for each specialist.

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Track how you progress towards your goals

Finally, everything is summed up in a tracking dashbord optimised for tracking and reducing churn.

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Get started in 2 minutes

Just connect your Google Ads accounts and get immediate results. 

No credit card needed

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