Monitor your digital marketing performance and optimise it

Causalytics is a web app that makes monitoring, optimising and reporting on digital marketing performance a breeze.

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Plug your digital marketing data sources and let Causalytics monitor the situation for you.

  • Signals: Allow you to avoid any bad surprises by alerting you of impactful changes in your data.

  • Dashboards: Allow you to track your marketing results across all channels



Causlytics uses data from all the plugged digital marketing sources to give you recommended actions that you can implement to optimise your digital marketing campaigns.

Recommendations cover a wide range of topics, for example:

  • Optimal marketing budget allocation for different channels and campaigns;

  • Exploiting digital marketing data to uncover upsell opportunities;

  • Analysing segments and finding out which convert better and the parameters affecting that;

  • Making sure your tracking tools are set up correctly.


Speed up your reporting simply by allowing Causalytics to do it for you. Set up the reports in 2 minutes and forget about them.

Take 2 minutes to configure your report then forget about it. You can build reports from scratch or use a template. Mix all the available widgets and add your own comments when needed.


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