The AI that tracks digital marketing and automatically delivers insights and actions 

Causalytics is an automated digital marketing insights platform that harnesses the power of AI to provide you with the insights and actions you need when you need them

How does Causalytics work?

Insights and actions from digital marketing data without the hassle

1. Connect your data sources

Currently you can connect Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. More integrations will be added soon, let us know which are the data sources you need the most.

2. Start getting insights and suggestions

It takes a few seconds for Causalytics to start showing you the first insights and suggestions. You'll see:

  • Actions - with concrete instructions on what to do along with the estimated impact, helping you prioritise.
  • Tips - good practises and things Causalytics will advise you to do based on patterns in the data.
  • Fixes - for your data source's setup, to make sure of the quality of the data.

3. Drill down for details if you need

Each suggestion comes with a detailed explanation if you want and need to drill down to understand the reasoning behind the insight and suggestion.

The data is presented with charts, numbers and automatically generated natural language explanations.

4. Track the impact of the actions implemented

Easily keep track of all the actions and changes that are implemented. 

Causalytics' early preview is now available, try it now for free or request a demo

Other features

Understand and act on digital marketing

  • Automated Insights

    Let Causalytics do the heavy lifting of crunching data and translating that into actionable insights.

  • Suggested Actions

    Let Causalytics tell you what the best course of action is to optimise you digital marketing

  • Automated Reports

    Automate generating and sending weekly/monthly reports to various stakeholders.

  • White Label

    Make it your own, by changing logos, URLs, sender emails...everything to your brand.

  • Impact Showcase

    List the marketing optimisations you've done, website changes, offline events and the effect they've had.

  • Dynamic Stories

    Simplify your reporting using Causalytics’ natural language generation engine to translate numbers to stories.

  • Goal Tracking and Alerts

    Don't get stuck constantly managing metrics. Set smart Goals and Alerts to track your progress.

  • Cross-Channel Analytics

    Consolidate data from various channels, more channels are added all the time.

  • Clients and Users Management

    Manage your team or agency better, share the accounts, reports and other resources with the entire team and easily manage multiple accounts.

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