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Turn analytics data into actionable marketing Insights

Causalytics helps marketers like you see beyond the surface why your marketing campaigns work - and why some don't. Transform static marketing reports into interactive dashboards full of insights.

Instead of another static analytics dashboard, you'll get:

Insights, explaining what happened in your marketing.

Actions, recommending what you should do next.


Actionable Sugestions


Understandable Insights


Know what content drives revenue

Digital marketing content generally follows the Pareto principle, 20% of your content influences 80% of your revenue

Causalytics identifies your enduring favourites, the reproducible themes in your most successful content, which aren't just one-hit wonders.

Imagine if all your content would work as well as your top 20%. How would that affect your revenue?

Optimise your  marketing channels' performance

Causalytics consolidates data from all your marketing channels and uses AI to provide drillable insights into their performance. Not only telling you what happened and why it happened, but also suggesting what you should do about it.

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Get a 360-degree understanding of your brand's presence 

When you connect various media and brand monitoring data sources to Causalytics, the platform delivers actionable insights about your brand's KPIs by market and industry and provides competitive benchmarking to help you stay ahead of the game. 

Deep-dive into LinkedIn

Causalytics analyses all the common marketing channels, but when it comes to LinkedIn, there's an extra deep-dive feature. It tells you:

  • How your company positions itself on LinkedIn

  • How your company is being talked about on LinkedIn

  • What content do different target groups like

  • What makes your company's content spread

  • Who engages with your company on LinkedIn

And then it does the same analysis for all your key competitors and compares the results to your company's.

Use cases: Benchmarking, steal good ideas. 

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Subscribe to monthly personalised insights (for free)

The best way to get to know Causalytics is to order our "newsletter". 

Every month, we send you insights about your company and compare it to the two competitors you have selected. 

The newsletter analyses your LinkedIn presence, and each month, you'll get insights from a different angle. 

100% free. No strings attached. 

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