Plug your digital marketing data sources and let Causalytics monitor the situation for you.

  • Signals: Allow you to avoid any bad surprises by alerting you of impactful changes in your data.
  • Dashboards: Allow you to track your marketing results across all channels
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Causlytics uses data from all the plugged digital marketing sources to give you recommended actions that you can implement to optimise your digital marketing campaigns

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Speed up your reporting simply by allowing Causalytics to do it for you.

Set up the reports in 2 minutes and forget about them.

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Why should you try Causalytics

We started our journey from a research involving over 200 digital marketing agencies and other companies. Those are the reasons why we built Causalytics and the reasons why we think you should give it a try:

Making sense of a huge mass of data from different sources is time consuming for any human

If you want to be data driven, you have to try and understand what your data tells you. The problem is that it’s not only disseminated in many different platforms, that these platforms have discrepancies in how they handle that data, but also that it takes an awful lot of time to take anything meaningful out of it.

We take that pain away by putting data together from different platforms, automating the analysis and notifying you of critical information that would have taken hours or even days to detect manually.


Staying focused on the essential things is not easy

You definitely have a goal(s) you want to achieve through your digital marketing efforts, but with the wealth of information the end can get lost on the way and you end up focusing on the means.

We take that pain away by making sure that all information, analysis and recommendations work towards a main goal, for example optimising your digital marketing profit.

Effectively scaling your digital marketing operations costs a lot

Marketing teams are under tremendous pressure to perform. Budgets aren’t growing but expectations are. How do you do more with less?

We take that pain away by allowing you to automate various parts of your team’s workflow, so that you can monitor, optimise and report with minimal manual input.


If you are feeling these pains, you are not alone and Causalytics is here to help you.

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