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Optimise your marketing channels' performance

Causalytics consolidates data from all your marketing channels and uses AI to provide drillable insights into their performance.
Not only telling you what happened and why it
happened, but also suggesting what you should do about it.

Actionable insights

Causalytics produces insights about three main topics:

  • How can you optimise your channels

  • How can you optimise your content

  • What was the ROI on marketing as a whole

The insights are presented as clickable cards, with more details behind the click. 

Drill down to the root cause

Start from the top KPI, for example, Marketing ROI and drill down all the way to the individual campaigns, to understand what changes contributed the most to the result, both negatively and positively.


Prioritise tasks by impact

With its impact score (upper right corner) for each insight, Causalytics allows you to easily prioritize what should be done first to reach your targets.

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