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Optimise your Linkedin presence

Causalytics helps you answer 5+1 key questions:
  1. How are you positioning yourself?
  2. How are you being talked about?
  3. What content resonates with your target groups?
  4. What makes your content spread?
  5. Who engages with you the most?

  +1 Use all the knowledge above to generate 
        analytics-based optimal content with ChatGPT.
Additionally, you'll get the same data for your competitors, so that you can copy their best ideas.
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1. How are you positioning yourself?

The analysis answers what kind of posts you are producing. Are you aiming for thought leadership, pushing your products, showcasing references, celebrating partnerships, sharing company news, advertising events or focusing on recruiting?  

What topics are you covering?

What keywords do you use?

And how do you compare against your competitors?

2. How are you being talked about?

64% of the content mentioning our clients on LinkedIn is produced by someone other than the company or its employees.


What are they saying? What topics are covered, in what context and is the tone positive or negative?

And how are your competitors talked about?


3. What content resonates with your target groups?

Find out what content different target groups engage with the most. Additionally, if you connect your CRM to Causalytics, you'll also discover what content generates the most sales.

And you can do this on a highly granular level. Want to know what kind of content, for example, Sales Managers in the Shipping industry in Germany appreciate? The answer is just a few clicks away.

And again, you also get the same data on your competitors (well, excluding the sales data, of course).


4. What makes your content spread?

Is it the topic? Who you mention? How you hashtag? The post format? The time you post? What images you pick?

How does all that affect engagement, and does it vary by target group?

And equally important, what can you learn from your competitors?

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5. Who engages with you the most

What individuals and organisations, both within and outside your company, comment on and share your content the most? 


Who produces the most content about you? 


Who is a real influencer in your target groups?

Have your competitors discovered someone you missed?

+1. Generate analytics-based optimal content with ChatGPT

When you have the data on what makes an optimal post (topic, format, imagery etc.), you can feed all this to ChatGPT (within Causalytics) and ask it to write optimal posts. 

They might not be the most original so they do need a bit of human touch, but it will kick-start your creative process like never before.  

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