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Increase marketing ROI with more impactful content

Causalytics for Enterprise tells you three things:
  1. What type of content works best
  2. Which channels work best
  3. How digital marketing affects revenue
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Content classification

Causalytics classifies all your social media and website content in high-level and more granular topic categories using both manual rules and machine learning.

Lead gen. & Demand gen.

Content is analysed both from a lead generation perspective, "Where do leads come from" and a demand generation perspective, "What content is consumed the most?".

A comprehensive view of what content works best

Combining the above, Causalytics provides a report on what content work best in different channels at different stages of the funnel.

Different channels have different roles

If you only measure where your leads are coming from, you're missing out on an essential part of the picture. The modern B2B buyer engages with your content multiple times before being identified as a prospect. 

These touchpoints aren't often attributable to a single prospect, but the volume can be counted. Therefore it's crucial to take a broader view. Demand generation channels are equally important as lead generation channels and should always be taken into account when deciding on the marketing mix.

A comprehensive view of what channels works best

Causalytics reports on all aspects of the channels, not just lead generation.


Prove marketing's worth to stakeholders

Causalytics analyses how heavily different prospects were affected by marketing and provides a report on marketing ROI and how it has developed over time.

This report usually comes quite handy when negotiating about next year's budgets. 

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