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Cover the Entire Data Journey

Causalytics for Enterprise is a SaaS product that can be combined with optional consulting services.

The lightest version simply provides you with insights, pulling data from your existing data warehouse and displaying results in your existing BI tool.

If you, on the other hand, need help with some or all steps in the data journey, we'd be happy to help you with that too.


Capture & Validate

Making sure all the necessary tracking scrips are installed and configured correctly to provide accurate data. 


Use an ETL tool, like Supermetrics, to gather all the data from different channels in one data warehouse.


Most data sources have a bit different data structures, which need to be harmonised to be comparable. Additionally, although a metric can be called the same thing (like engagement) the way different platforms calculate it can be quite different. This needs to be taken into account for the metrics to be comparable.


Filter out unwanted data like hits from own employees on the website or incomplete CRM records. 


Extract insights and actions from the data. 


Show the results either in Causalytics' own dashboard or a BI of your choice. 

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