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Google Ads Agency!

Use Causalytics to become a Google Premier Partner

Achieve the milestones needed by focusing on the tasks that matter.

No credit card needed

The new Google partner directory highlights premium partners.​ Becoming one is one of Causalytics' use cases.


Accounts monitored


Tests run each month


Keywords analysed every day

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Complete audits of your clients' Google Ads accounts every day

Causalytics audits all of your Google Ads accounts every day checking 40 different metrics.


The tests that fail produce alerts that become tasks in your specialists' to-do lists.

What is needed to become a Premier Partner?

The Premier Partner status is awarded to the 3 % of the Google Partners in a country. 

To be considered among the top 3 % you need to:

  1. Get new clients

  2. Keep your existing clients

  3. Grow your clients’ ad spend

  4. Sell other Google Ads products than search

Causalytics helps you achieve items 2-4.

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Premier Partner criterion 2

Keep your existing clients

We start the project by using data from various sources to indentify factors that impact churn.

Then we set up alerts notifying you of when the churn-related metrics of your clients are heading into critical territory.  

Premier Partner criterion 3

Grow your clients' ad spend

Causalytics contains two mechanisms that grow client ad spend. 

The alerts help raise the overall campaign quality, which reduces churn. 

Causalytics also produces actionable suggestions for the client, based on the client's own data and benchmarking data.

"You should raise your budget by x to achieve y. 95,67% of the companies in your industry that raised their budget last year were happy with the results."

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Premier Partner criterion 4

Sell other Google Ads products than search

Like with raising the client's budget, Causalytics also produces actionable suggestions for the client to try new forms of Google Advertising.


These suggestions are based on the client's own data and benchmarking data.

"13 clients of ours that use similar keywords as you are have tried display marketing and achieved an average cost/click of 0,23 €. Your current cost/click for search is 0,86 €.   

Prioritised to-do lists for every specialist

Based on what Google Premier Partner needs most attention, prioritised and personalised tasks lists are produced for each specialist.

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Track how you progress towards your goals

Causalytics provides a tracking dashbord optimised for reaching Google Premier Partner status.

The dashboard tracks the progress of each key metric.

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Get started in 2 minutes

Just connect your Google Ads accounts and get immediate results. 

No credit card needed

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