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Google Ads Specialist!

Struggling with serving more clients than you can handle?

Causalytics audits all your clients' Google Ads accounts daily and alerts you of possible issues with the accounts.

The result is a personal to-do list where tasks are prioritised based on your preferences.

No credit card needed



Accounts monitored


Tests run each month


Keywords analysed every day

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Example alerts

Account setup

  • Too many keywords in ad group

  • Too few ads in ad group

  • Search and Display ads in same campaign

Spend & budget

  • Daily spend is x % under daily budget

  • Campaign is limited by budget

  • Daily budget is set too low

Optimisation scores

  • Campaign score under x %

  • Keyword quality score is under x

  • Landing page experience is "below average"

Negative keywords

  • No negative keywords are used

  • A keyword is completely blocked by a negative keyword


  • Google Analytics is not connected

  • GA is connected, but no conversions are received

Search impression share

  • Search impression share is under x %

  • Search top impression share is under x %

These are just examples of our Google Ads alerts, there are more. 
But if we don't happen to have what you want, we'd be delighted to add them.

Complete audits of your clients' Google Ads accounts every day

Causalytics audits all of your Google Ads accounts every day checking 40 different metrics.


The tests that fail produce alerts that become tasks in your specialists' to-do lists.

Prioritised to-do lists for every specialist

Based on the agency's priorities Causalytics creates to-do lists for each specialist, where the task are sorted by importance.

The sorting criteria is customisable by:

  • task type

  • problem severity

  • client importance

  • any Google Ads metric 

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Track how you progress towards your goals

Define the goals you want to reach as a company and the KPIs affecting them.

Also get a high level overview of all your clients' Google Ads accounts.

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Get started in 2 minutes

Just connect your Google Ads accounts and get immediate results. 

No credit card needed

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