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Hi Infoserve, we can help you increase your clients’ ad spend and reduce churn

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How does Causalytics Sales Booster augment your sales?

Increases the ad spend of existing customers

Clients receive personalised insights on how their digital marketing could be improved, which results in better ROMI and larger ad spend.

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Causalytics Sales Booster is a sales-increasing tool for SME agencies managing advertising for their clients. In addition to increasing ad spend for existing customers, it helps you attract new ones while boosting the sales team's performance.

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Attract new advertising customers

For prospects that don’t currently advertise with the agency, a new feature can be added to the agency website.

When the client grants Causalytics agency access to their Google Analytics account they receive a report on their best customers and campaign suggestions: ​

Alternatively, if the agency is also providing websites and use a website platform (CMS) with it’s own analytics, Causalytics can connect to the CMS’s analytics and produce insights based on that data., without the client having to take any action.

Reduces churn

Causalytics reduces churn through three mechanisms.

Better ROMI -> happier clients

Causalytics improves the ROMI of the client’s accounts. Better value for money leads to less churn.

Better perceived agency value

The client feels the agency provides them with more value when they get personalised insights.

Better winback ratio

Having the analytics data of churned clients and the ability to produce targeted recommendations for them helps winback.

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  • Causalytics can be integrated into the agency’s CRM so that all insights and statistics are available there and the sales agents never have to leave the CRM.

  • Alternatively, the lead/prospect scoring can also happen in the CRM where the current customer data is enriched with data from Google Analytics

Boosts sales team performance

Causalytics provides a clear and optimised process for the sales team:

Contact with client

  • Personalised sales pitch for the client based on the insights

  • Always a good reason to contact a client

  • Sales react swiftly to any changes

Tracking and Scoring

  • Detailed statistics leads to discovering new sales opportunities and predicting the future needs of clients.

  • Prioritise who to contact first with scoring based on seasonality, common traits of profitable customers and prior purchase history of the customer.

CRM integration

*How the revenue is calculated:

Expected conversion rate
What a conversion means
Web client
Client creates a new campaign with worth 20% of average ad spend, but at least £10/day.
Ad client
Client ad spend increases by 20%
Revenue Calculator

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